Five Elements



Tim Batiste LAc, LMP
Five-Element Acupuncture

207 Anthes
Langley, WA 98260



Five Elements Acupuncture


Wu Hsing Acupuncture and Medicine (pronounced "woo sing") is a system of Chinese medicine rooted in the Taoist Science of the Five Elements. To understand how this system may benefit you, let us begin by asking the question: What is health? For more information, go to Wu Hsing, Seattle's school of Five Elements Accupuncture.

A rare healer and truly a wonderful soulful person; anytime you're with Tim, you feel better. It's a special moment to visit with someone so concerned with your overall health; who looks into you so carefully, who listens so intently,,, and most of all, someone who has the gifts, the tools, and the intuitive ability to adjust his treatment to what is needed and to where it is needed most.
— Joe Whisenand


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